About Fatboy


Fatboy's adventure began with bean bags in 2002 in The Netherlands. The first bean bag "The Original" has since become Fatboy's claim to fame. Fatboy offers a wide range of colourful bean bags, oversized lamps and sunshades, magical hammocks, dog beds and eclectic outdoor chandeliers. This collection of products now sells in 50 countries and on every continent. The products are grand, iconic, durable and indispensable in terms of both look and functionality. Fatboy is banishing the bland with an unequalled home and outdoor living collection that consists of surprising newcomers and unforgettable classics in fresh prints and indestructible fabrics.


About Hub Furniture


Hub is a privately owned family company that is proud to represent the best international brands exclusively in the Australian market. Many of our brand partnerships were established when we launched our first showroom in Melbourne, Australia in May, 2003 and again in Sydney in 2007. Since our inception we have strived to represent high standards of product, design, service and care.


We offer products in furniture, lighting, flooring and accessories including art and sculptural objects. We recognise our responsibility as curators, taking international trends and directions and returning to Australia only the richest tapestry of quality and design on offer. We source our products from all corners of the globe including Australia, New Zealand, U.K., Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Canada and the U.S.


Hub comprises a team of more than 30 talented individuals dedicated to providing exceptional results in their area of expertise ranging from interior design and styling to delivery and installation.

While we are rightly perceived as a ‘high-end’ provider of unquestionable quality, we also strive to find honest and original design that is produced ethically, with an environmental and moral conscience in recognised and established markets that are competitive in price.


We are recognised for our friendly and approachable staff and for providing a retail environment that is welcoming and creative. We have a dedicated commercial team who are committed to customising solutions for small to large-scale commercial projects. We are passionate in our commitment to our clients and to working tirelessly to meet often complex challenges, where tight budgets and limited lead times cannot be permitted to drive mediocrity in design or quality.


We invite you to visit our showrooms or contact us. The opportunity to work alongside you in delivering the perfect result for your project is a pleasure we look forward to.